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Another executive rejected the idea for fear of being accused of liberal bias, and Google says the suggestion was never implemented. Incoming Missouri senator Josh Hawley even called for an investigation. Breitbart, meanwhile, has obtained leaked video and internal Google emails that it argues prove Google's liberal bias. In one newly leaked batch of emails, Google employees are directed to monitor Breitbart for hate speech that violates Google's policies.

Such violations could have impacted Google ads served on Breitbart's page. But far from proving that Google employees executed on this supposed scheme, the emails show that in fact, Google executives said they found it "tough to prove that Breitbart is Hate Speech. Google has gone to great lengths to court conservatives since President Trump took office. Goodlatte hardly cozied up to Pichai during the hearing, noting in his opening remarks that Google collects enough data to make the National Security Agency blush.

And yet, during his time as chairman of the committee, Goodlatte has done little to advance consumer privacy protections that might limit Google's vast data collection operation. At one point, Rep. Ted Poe R-TX raised his voice and demanded that Pichai tell him whether Google can track his phone as it moves around the room.


Rather than allowing Pichai to explain, however, Poe chastised him. Despite the hearing's shortcomings, there were some telling moments. Often, though, they had more to do with what Pichai didn't say than what he did. Karen Handel R-GA asked Pichai if he thinks there are any categories of data that users should have to opt in to have collected.

This is a key question at the center of an ongoing debate about a federal privacy bill. By and large, tech companies prefer to let users opt out of data collectionwhich they sometimes forget to do or don't know how to dorather than requiring them to agree to that data collection at the outset.

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At a Senate hearing in September, Google's chief privacy officer said Google didn't support requiring users to opt in for all data collection. Perhaps that's why Pichai sidestepped Handel's question.

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Loosely translated, that means Pichai thinks Google's current privacy policy is just fine. Pichai took a similarly evasive approach to questions about Google's interest in China. He was asked repeatedly about a Google project called Dragonfly , through which the company is experimenting with a censored search engine for China.

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Google famously pulled out of search in China in over concerns about censorship and surveillance. But when faced with questions about Dragonfly, Pichai mostly said that the company has no plans to enter China at the moment and will be transparent if it ever does. One by one, members of the committee accepted that answer as enough, and quickly advanced to the next outrage. It wasn't until Rep. In the most compelling few minutes of the hearing, Cicilline asked whether any employees are currently attending product meetings on Dragonfly.

Pichai didn't say. Cicilline asked if Google employees are talking to members of the Chinese government.

Again, Pichai answered a question that hadn't been asked. Cicilline asked again. Again, Pichai declined to offer a yes or no. Finally, Cicilline asked whether Pichai would rule out "launching a tool for surveillance and censorship in China. It's the kind of non-answer on an issue of international human rights that ought to demand further questions from lawmakers, particularly lawmakers who purport to be concerned about censorship and surveillance. Too bad Republicans and Democrats of the House Judiciary Committee were too busy battling each other to notice.

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