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For instance, if you're downloading a large file this may run slowly so that services like online streaming can run at the speed they need to, without the dreaded buffering. Yes, you can — find out how with our handy guide. GoCompare uses cookies. By using the website you agree with our use of cookies. Find out how to manage cookies and view our policy privacy icon Created with Sketch. Your results. Broadband menu. Other Speed test Frequently Asked Questions. Broadband deals Compare cheap broadband deals for your home We require this so we can show you the offers available in your area Compare deals.

Which broadband deal should I choose? Types of broadband What's the best broadband provider?

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How to get cheaper broadband? What are the costs of broadband? Up to 19Mb upload speed. Requires BT landline. Wireless router. UK based customer support.

Fixed price Contracts - Broadband and line rental price guaranteed for the duration of your contract. Free wireless router and UK based customer support. Requires BT landline Up to 19Mb upload speed. Wireless router and UK based customer support. Broadband deals with free gifts are frequently available, and can be a great way to get more value when you're buying or switching broadband.

Shopping vouchers and prepaid cards: Vouchers may be for specific stores, or high street vouchers which can be redeemed in a wide variety of shops. Prepaid cards such as a BT Reward Card can be spent almost anywhere.

What free gifts can I get with a phone contract?

Free gadgets: These are rarer, but occasionally a broadband deal will include a free gadget. Cashback: Cashback deals will either provide you with a cheque as with Plusnet Cashback , or come in the form of a bill credit which will be applied to your broadband bills automatically. Most home unlimited internet packages include a free Wi-Fi router. The router is used to access the internet and share the connection around your home. Some providers will require a small payment for postage.

Prepaid cards, or reward cards, are credit cards which come preloaded with credit. These may be preferable to shopping vouchers as the money can be spent in any store which accepts card payments. However, in some cases you may not receive a physical card but an electronic version, in which case you may only be able to spend this online. It can pay to consider all of the broadband deals available to you, for example the cheapest deals are often on longer contracts, but flexible contracts are also available if you can't commit.

Take into account the full cost of the package, including setup and other upfront fees, and don't neglect crucial features such as the speed and data usage limit. If you've got a cheap deal for your phone and TV already, you could also look at broadband only deals. These specials are only available on packages bought online through Broadband Genie.

It's also worth checking our Black Friday Broadband Deals page , as we get close to that time of year - as this is where we highlight all the best offers come November. The process for claiming a free gift varies. Some providers may require you to simply enter an email address, others may have a lengthier process.

Or it may not require any effort on your part. Read the terms and conditions carefully to ensure you understand the process and are aware of any time limits which may apply. You might also wish to take screengrabs of the offer, or retain emails and other promotional material, in case of a dispute. Setup discounts and cashback in the form of bill credits will be applied at the appropriate time. Most people stay with their broadband provider far beyond the initial 12 or 18 months.

Prices often go up after this time. In fact, the longer you stay with one broadband provider, the more likely your monthly bills are to go up, rather than down.

Broadband deals

There are better deals out there if you are willing to look, as you can see from our broadband price comparison tables. Line rental is also included in the monthly costs. It might be worth getting a calls package if you use the landline a lot. In general, the further away your home is from a green street cabinet, the slower your type of broadband connection will be. The more people that use the same WiFi, the slower it will be. This applies both to the people inside your house, and to your neighbours.

If you are using wireless internet at home you may find it slower or less reliable than a wired connection.

Broadband packages with free gifts

Always keep in mind, the more users on a network, the more demand for data and the slower it will be. Nowadays, almost all routers can emit a WiFi signal. So when your new router is plugged in and turned on at home, you will be able to get free WiFi that you can access on a laptop, smartphone or tablet. Typically weeks.

Your provider will send you a new router, let your old provider know, and get everything set up ready to go live as soon as possible. Normally setup is as simple as plugging the new router into your phone line, but if there are issues you may need a appointment with an engineer which can take a bit longer. Standard broadband is also known as ADSL broadband. Standard broadband uses copper telephone lines to make a connection to your home. Not only are copper lines slower than fibre optic ones, they are also weaker for interference. Electrical interference is caused by many different things but the biggest offender is actually other users trying to access the internet through the same telephone cable.

Living in a crowded area, or being really far away from the telephone exchange, will massively increase the odds of frequent interference and your internet speed will suffer. This site requires JavaScript to be enabled in order to work correctly. Please enable JavaScript in your browser settings and refresh the page. There seems to be a problem. Find out more below Connection type:. Average speed:. Monthly data limit:. Unlimited data deals only.